Jax – an old and very dear friend, and one of life’s true characters. So many happy memories: the early days at VAG in Baker Street, with lots of fun and alcohol; you in your wedding dress holding a pint of beer; the time shortly after the accident when you met me at Flitwick Station driving an automatic car with your left leg in plaster across the passenger seat; the car you got for me when you were JBMD of Cooks in Peterborough; tennis tournaments at Wimbledon, Eastbourne and the O2; Easter and Christmases with you and Denise in Cornwall; the golf lessons you gave me (you were a great teacher); the weekend you and Denise came to London in your convertible car (the ‘tarts’ handbag’) and you and I played tennis (an experience never to be repeated, you were far too good for me); your visits to my office in London when you charmed and entertained my work colleagues; you inspiring me to discover Mallorca following your recent holiday in Port d’Andratx. I feel privileged to have known you, and will never forget the sound of your voice, your laugh or your smile. Rosie xxx

Sent by Rosie on 04/12/2016